2015 chevy ss sedan

This car will be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission. At 415 HP.... not bad. The SS has unibody construction and is in sync with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. 6000 rpm redline, a packed family boat. Here's the review from Car and Driver. Motor Trend broke the story on the SS Sedan getting magnetic ride control.

Chevy is definitely showing a positive element of leadership. They shifted their thinking to meet a challenge with this car. In your business can you recognize when a shift is needed? What if your holding back aspects of certain products? Can you use marketing attributes from other products for another line of products? Chevrolet has done this by using Camaro traits in the SS Sedan.

The initial reaction is positive. Don't overlook what you already have.


mclaren 650 S

The McLaren 650 S gets a makeover. New add-ons. New paint (changes color in direct sunlight) to spellbind the viewer. New, new, new.
Ideas are still in production..... so much that the car's tour will create data from consumers. This information will be used to make the finished product. How's that for innovation?

Wonder what a make-over will do to your business? New paint. New interior. New style.

Look at your surroundings. Make choices that you (and your customers) can live with. I've been amazed at what a little renovation will do. Compare looks. Storyboard a little. Think a little.

Look at your Social Media platforms. Twitter has a new look, which I haven't used.... yet. Imagine.

The new concepts you come up with will amaze you.

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toyota, texas

Reported late last week, Toyota Motor Corporation is moving their U.S. headquarters to Plano, Texas. This is moving the entire headquarters staff. Toyota has manufacturing facilities in San Antonio which builds the Tundra and Tacoma. This is a big win for Texas, as Governor Rick Perry has made an ongoing attempt to get Toyota's headquarters in the Lone Star State.

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One question that comes to mind is how this affects the Toyota brand. Texas has not been the center of auto maker activity and several auto marketing watchers are curious if there will be many changes. Toyota has made several moves in their marketing department and their official new marketing "situation" starts May 1st.

Toyota has enjoyed an increase in North American sales. With this move to Texas, I can't help but think Toyota's marketing campaigns will get a big, fresh breath of new ideas. Just a change in geographical location can do wonders for creative minds.

According to a story on Toyota was unsure of which jobs might stay in California. 

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top 5 supercar commercials

These commercials are awesome. What can you take from them for your own advertising ideas? The road and nature. Being on the road is freedom for many. The open road beckons. These cars give the impression you can go through obstacles. And it doesn't hurt to get a little dirty. PUBLISHED August 12, 2012


direct marketing

Direct marketing is a better brand building tool than conventional brand image ads. Focus on brand reality, because there is no substitute! Brand has power. Brand has status.

Make a brand to increase sales. A brand personality needs worked out!

Therefore, think of brands as people. Opinions are formed with information. Interaction creates more information. This creates more reality - brand reality.

This information creates a conversation for your brand. There is a message in the conversation and this conversation gets passed around. This word-of-mouth approach takes more time and is best in the long run. Your story, created by your customers, needs advertised.

Direct marketing by definition involves a company interacting with its customers. Direct marketing is a powerful brand building tool. Brands built this way really deliver.

Following a strategy which interacts with customers drives sales increases.

A marketer's concentration should focus on the reality of their brand and ways to communicate that attribute to the widest possible audience.

Direct marketing and brand reality are "peas and carrots" that create brand value.

Increase your sales (or following, friends, etc.) and boost your brand value with direct marketing.


going beyond for jobs

Here's five ways to hunt for jobs according to Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS, a talent acquisition company. @susan_vitale

  1. "Like" companies on Facebook
  2. SEO your Facebook profile
  3. Search hashtags (#) on Twitter
  4. Be active on Quora and Squidoo
  5. Don't neglect Google+
LinkedIn means business. Used by far more recruiters.



social and lead generation


 Social Media has much to offer for generating “buzz” and branding. But lead generation is an important part of the Social Media landscape which transforms your social presence. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SlideShare gives users fantastic experiences in generating leads. This process is not easy and is not cheap, but if used correctly, will give results that are worth the effort.

Social Media and Lead Generation

 Most organizations are using Social Media to connect with consumers and potential customers. Marketing has taken so many dramatic steps to provide better communication with people. Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing has recognized the value of Social Media so much that vendors have decided to use Social Media to reach as many as 75% of their clients. In 2011 84% of  B2B marketers have used Twitter as a marketing tool. (1) Social Media strategies are a given for B2B marketers. Content in corporate websites has changed to accommodate marketing which gets organizations in tune with their potential client base and at the same time helps with current customers. Prospects seem no longer a far-off dream that can’t become customers.

The nature of this new marketing structure is excellent for nurturing leads. High-pressure is a thing of the past as Social Media allows getting  prospects in an informal way. This also helps the organization stay on top of industry trends as employees are reading about potential clients’ needs. This puts a sales agent in a better position to make the sale.

This sways us into an area of prominence I call “Social Marketing” and has become its own area of expertise in many organizations that value the brand. Examples are Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Big brands, yes, and they have used Social Marketing to develop new ways of reaching new and old customers. They have implemented Social Media to a new level. This is often called peer-to-peer influence marketing.
Peer-to-peer word of mouth (now Social Media sharing) is strong and trusted because people are not putting their reputations on the line by telling someone they like a product.

Which Social Platforms 

You want exposure and all social platforms should be considered. This can be a time consuming process, however there are four I feel are the most important: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and SlideShare. Lead generation is the goal and each of these social platforms has their own distinctive attributes. Using all four helps you branch out. A good rule is that 70% of your potential clients will buy from you or one of your competitors. 

Here are some parameters to follow:

Inbound marketing is not enough. Combine your efforts with outbound marketing. Paid promotion helps.

Create good content with solid offers.         

Be clear as to what you want when your audience consumes your content and engages with your brand.

Add value.

Social is a two-way street. Mix up your message with content and offers.

Create a call to action.

Creating content that interacts is crucial. 

Use of Business Focused Content

Growing your followers is essential because it increases your visibility. Your updates will be seen by current customers and potential clients. Encourage employees to share company news and insights. There have been several ideas about the policy of employee use of Social Media. I am an advocate of allowing employee participation. This extends your reach.

Other sources come into the mix such as company pages of industry peers, commenting, and sharing industry updates. Content can be created from these sources which will give you an edge in the industry.  Realize the value of content because it is your ally for being an industry leader that solves problems. With this in mind, you qualify business prospects, give insights, create a source of information that attracts connections, share a position as a thought leader, and increase reach. 

A large portion of B2B sales is time and money spent building your network. Part of this money spent will be for ads on the social platforms. Most of social is at no charge, but not all. Inbound is not enough, so outbound marketing is a must for success in your overall sales plan. Explore what the social platforms have to offer. Be aware of the changes that take place in this area. Facebook has, for instance, changed their ad structure several times in the previous two years. The social platforms are very good at notifying the space of these changes. Take note how they do their notifications with press releases and policy statements. You, yourself, can use these examples to structure your publicity.


Social Media opens new horizons for content creators and marketers. By using the platforms you’ll see at once how leads are generated for your business. Your presentations will be tailored to your leads using both paid and earned media. Don’t neglect your blog posts, email campaigns, and infographics. 

Use the various channels to promote your content and develop within your organization an understanding of your goals. Position and promotion are keys for your marketing machine to work. Your goals should be on increasing awareness, demonstrating products, sharing knowledge, and humanizing the organization. Optimize your content to better reach your target audience (potential customers) and you’ll have greater results at generating even more leads.

(   (1)   How B2B Marketers Use Social Media: New Research, published April 24, 2012.


networking with influencers

The Influencer is important. A term, that perhaps is overused, but nonetheless, is here to stay. We know who they are. You may be one yourself. That's good. We like goodness. And we need to cultivate goodness, so therefore cultivate the Influencers.

We must form the connection. That's not difficult. We first follow an Influencer on a Social Media platform. That's simple enough. However what happens after that and then after that is key.

Pay attention what Influencers are doing. They generally blog. Read their blogs frequently. Comment on their blogs. Tweet their blog posts. Give them credit by using their Twitter handle. This often times can be done easily, but you'll find from time-to-time that their Twitter info is not available on their blog. This makes a difference if you are not following them, as you'll find out. That' ok... do a search later. I do not always use Twitter handles when tweeting. I have been getting better lately.

Retweet what they have tweeted. This is natural if a post of their has motivated you.

You may e-mail them to ask if you can contribute or if they would follow you on Social Media. This is a good way to tell them why you like their content and how they have influenced you.

The big item is paying attention. Pay close attention to their craft and what they have achieved. This will influence you and help you with your business and career. Make networking an important part of your Social Media strategy.

Here is my Influencer Page on this blog.


pandora's contribution

Drake Baer put together a piece that really interested me. It's about Pandora, and what they've done to frankly change the music industry. Pandora is now the infrastructure for 100,000 artists. 2011 was a big year for Pandora... that's when they really took off.

From the artist's point-of-view, getting the music heard is key. That's it. But that is where all the innovative effort pays off.

Your music gets a "thumbs up". People have expressed a liking and/or an interest in it.


That's a place to start. Pandora has taught engagement with an audience. They're getting into the mapping environment. They are taking their product to a new level.

Bands take note. Get on you social platform and create maps of where you've been playing. This means promotion for your product. This will give your fans the knowledge of where you've been.  This is a good place to start. This produces a promotion pipe. This builds your brand.



today's social media marketing

How times have changed. Or have you noticed? Are you still burdened with a dysfunctional cultural attachment? R J Frasca tweeted an interesting article that brings up the changes in marketing and what needs attention for us to succeed in this new environment.

Selling must take on the attributes of inbound marketing. Resistance to this is heavy.  Attraction and integration of inbound marketing, outbound marketing, and inbound selling is an opportunity that can't be ignored. Sales must integrate their selling with marketing.

Insights for the potential customer must be groomed so a presentation can be created. This effort will enhance your techniques for connections and more engagement. Insights lead to white papers and studies. These are marketable products. Realize the need. Make it happen.



tech meets society

Once upon a time, Silicon Valley believed it was insulated from questions of culture, social change, and politics. Hardware was built on science, software on objective functionality, and personal beliefs needn’t enter the picture. But as new technologies — and the companies behind these technologies — extend their reach into nearly every part of our lives, they can’t help but clash with the larger world.



power moving content

With so much data out there what have you done to maximize your potential in gathering the data and using it? Do you have a plan? Have you thought of what you're missing? Can "Big Data" deliver performance for me?

We are consuming the content like never before. That's good! But are we putting it to use? What about my brand? How can it benefit?

Produce content for your brand.  Put that content content on Social Media. There! But that's just the beginning of the process. Connect with people in the industry. That's a good place to start. Build your list of influencers. Start with Appinions to identify influencers. This also measures your impact.

Mark Schaefer presented these helpful parameters for standing out in the crowd:

  1. Relevant
  2. Interesting
  3. Timely
  4. Entertaining


"Power comes from content that moves."

Get a handle on the content that engages readers for brands. Entertaining your audience can't be overlooked. Look for content that includes RITE as well. Keywords are key! Use them to drive other industry content to you.


five human factors

 Ever think of the times we face? Most brands, at this point in time, probably don't. Or some might decide, or have decided, to wait for the times to get better. Growth is what we all want. However it is not what we all get. Too bad. But we must realize we have to go out and get it. Ask, "How do we attract more buyers?"

Let's look at the human factor. This is the topic that Mark Di Somma wrote about on The five factors are:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Familiarity
  3. Rituals, habits, and rewards
  4. Local
  5. Bargains
These insights are applied.

  1. Give people a refreshed sense of hope
  2. Raise their pulse
  3. Give them more of what they choose you for
  4. Suggest new things, suggest new ways
  5. Give them new things they want to value
  6. Act responsibly
  7. Belong
  8. Give buyers what they deserve
  9. Encourage buyers to think ahead
  10. Acknowledge effort
Be proactive, familiar, and valuable. Keep consumers in touch with what you offer.



the 950 million dollar recoup

Disney gets another shot at online. Historically Disney has not had good experiences with the online spectrum. Disney has decided to get into a new dynamic. The new dynamic of short-form online video isn't being ignored by Disney with the acquisition of Maker Studios, which is considered one of the top YouTube networks.

Maker Studios fills a gap in the Disney portfolio. Maker will have the Disney help with advertisers and this will increase leverage when negotiating distribution services.

Disney has built a $45 billion dollar business by turning movies into brands. Now they're are hoping to turn a video maker into a brand, or at least what it produces into such.