first state of the union

On January 8, 1790 President George Washington gave the First Annual Message to a Joint Session of Congress.

It is known more today as the State of the Union Address.

It was held in the Senate Chamber of Federal Hall in New York City.

Washington's speech was a milestone for the Constitution. He was displaying the separations of the three branches of government. 

Washington’s address was a precisely calibrated political statement. The president was positive and encouraging, even as he subtly sought to direct the actions of Congress.

Federal Hall - New York City
Washington did make the call for a standing army. He also touched on establishing a currency and the need for standardized weights and measures. Oh yes, and there was immigration. He too mentioned a need for a postal system and education improvement.

Washington new the challenges that lay ahead for the new nation. He addressed them with determination. He proved he was a leader. He proved he was sincere.

The source for this post: First Annual Address