google news guidelines

Google News has set some new guidelines. They do not want their service to be used as a sales tool for marketers promoting and selling products. It is not a marketing driven service. They want to uphold the basic principles of journalism.

The main guidelines Google News will use are:
  • News Content
  • Journalistic Standards
  • Authority
  • Accountability
  • Readability
With these in mind, our writing should contain these attributes. Sometimes we have to reset our purpose to better communicate our message.

Google News Publisher Help

a guide to creating content

Use an outline. Clean up the transcripts so your content is concise. Create content on a regular basis.

How To Easily Produce Multimedia Content: A Behind The Scenes Step-By-Step Guide

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product-category promotion

 Write the copy carefully. Research the potential consumers of the information you are sending out. Transform those consumers into value.

content is truly everywhere

It's up to us to separate the gems from the fool's gold. This helps to develop relationships and a company culture.

content marketing for brand and distribution

Explore all the available distribution channels. Leave nothing to chance.


syfy and social media

Syfy is known for very remarkable shows that exhibit creativity and imagination. Two qualities which are needed to bring the finished product to the small screen. New ways have also evolved to publicize the network's shows. One of these avenues is social media.

Syfy is striving to keep pace with the TV viewer's needs and schedules. Their show Haven is driving the most interest as two of the show's characters are very active on Twitter. The show has its own news page.

Syfy Sync is the network's page for apps for tablets. Syfy Sync provides backstage photos and it serves up interactive content in sync with what you are seeing on the screen. It also helps with the social conversation on Facebook. Viewers also get the chance to interact with the shows talent.

"We don't look at social as something we do, we look at social as part of who we are."

An article by Brian Anthony Hernandez was the source article for this post.

small business and ads

Small businesses are not advertising online as hoped for. Small business customer information is most likely half-wrong.

This Week in Small Business: Does Yelp Help?

Put effort into getting noticed.
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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing With Blogging

Integration of blogging content and social media.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing With Blogging

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