twitter success

I wish to share this. A good resource to enhance your Twitter search experience. This certainly will help your Twitter experience because you'll have help to build communities.

Many thanks to Laptop Goldmine.


skill success

Ever stop and ask yourself if success is a skill? Skill, you might wonder to yourself, was never described as a skill. It wasn't to me. When I had a skill, I had a skill. I didn't think twice to link skill to success. I decided to change my way of thinking. Maybe you have too.

Perhaps we need to look at skill success as successful skills.

Can you think of any?

Here are some for you and me.

  • Persererance
  • Persistance
  • Vision
  • Sales
  • Selection
  • Initiative
  • Problem solvinh
  • Storytelling
  • Flexibility
  • Resilience
  • Innovation
Put these into your thought processes. Come up with ways put these skills into your organization. Put them into your routine.These may help you improve content and grow your business. There are still enough ideas to go around.

big data and content

Big data has impacted virtually everything when it comes to content. Remember that Big Data is an umbrella term used by practically everyone who uses it. Big Data is easy to define if used from a purely technical standpoint. Whether we agree on the definition of Big Data or not isn't really important. What needs to be focused on is the use of Big Data.

The bond between Big Data and content is growing.... and growing stronger. The explosion of data needs to be turned into information and content. As we find growth in Big Data, we soon realize that we are contributing to Big Data! How's that for results?

Should we take a step back and analyze this perspective? Most likely. What most want is to turn Big Data into revenue. Easier said than done. We need to focus on the benefits and less on technology. Translated: create value.

Use Big Data to fulfill business goals. This includes marketing. Your goal: turn the raw data into actionable information. Pay attention to how Big Data is used in content management, social business, and marketing.