social bookmarking

Website links are important. Links determine your relative internet property value by influencing your web site traffic, your search engine rankings and positions for your important keywords, and ultimately links will influence your online presence. Every internet marketing strategy must include a robust process of website link building. Social bookmarking is one of those methods that should be combined with other web linking strategies to achieve online success. Since social bookmark links do not scroll off of a social bookmark site or lose value over time, (if anything they gain value over time) it is in your best interest to have your web site url AND all of it's important interior page urls to ALSO be socially bookmarked in all the important social bookmark sites on the internet.  

The practice of social bookmarking is not an exclusive club.

Social bookmarking links will tend to accumulate more tags over time if the social bookmarking site receives a fair amount of traffic.  



blogs help network

Open the door to communication. Build relationships with others in your industry. When you have a blog, you have a helper. A blog opens the way for more sales leads, and ultimately more sales.

People with blogs sell more.

Develop content that deeply enriches your business and interests. This will bring more visitors. Build the dynamics.



converged media

Integration of earned, paid and owned media is a must for successful coverage.
Display earned media on owned sites.
Push content that adds value.

This hootsuite post by Michael Brito was inspiration for my post.

be twitter effective

Maintain the social media forum. This is what gets you exposure. Twitter is the platform that helps gets exposure. Build followers and maintain loyalty. This is success in a nutshell.

Categorize what you wish to follow and what you wish to contribute to.

Seek out customers. Not just your customers. Follow there tweets. Get to know their trends. Build resources.

Customize your presence. Logo and background image. This is more important than you first realize.

Have a link to your website too.

These are the beginning steps to a successful Twitter presence.

This Social Media Today article/post was inspiration for my post.