apps drive social media

Brands have known the appeal to Social Media. Social Media has become their primary driver in their marketing strategy. Brands have done well to relate to their audience.

Accessing social content has evolved. Smartphones and tablets have grown in use and is now the primary way women access social media. Social networking through PCs has declined.

More news is being shared through social networks. News organizations have responded by delivering their content in a social way.

A Nielsen study shows that everyday women spend nearly ten minutes social networking through the mobile web or through apps. Men spend a little less than 7 minutes.

When accessing Social Media it's all about apps.


social media life cycle

I found this excellent blog entry from Social Media Center, in which the life span of social media is explained. They explain the four phases in the social media life cycle:

  1. Seeding
  2. Nurturing
  3. Harvesting
  4. Spreading
There are sub-cycles too. Their link, found in the first sentence of this post, contains a wonderful infographic on this life cycle. This examination makes perfect sense. Life cycles are so important.

New opportunities and challenges abound with the study of life cycles.
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