syfy and social media

Syfy is known for very remarkable shows that exhibit creativity and imagination. Two qualities which are needed to bring the finished product to the small screen. New ways have also evolved to publicize the network's shows. One of these avenues is social media.

Syfy is striving to keep pace with the TV viewer's needs and schedules. Their show Haven is driving the most interest as two of the show's characters are very active on Twitter. The show has its own news page.

Syfy Sync is the network's page for apps for tablets. Syfy Sync provides backstage photos and it serves up interactive content in sync with what you are seeing on the screen. It also helps with the social conversation on Facebook. Viewers also get the chance to interact with the shows talent.

"We don't look at social as something we do, we look at social as part of who we are."

An article by Brian Anthony Hernandez was the source article for this post.