toyota, texas

Reported late last week, Toyota Motor Corporation is moving their U.S. headquarters to Plano, Texas. This is moving the entire headquarters staff. Toyota has manufacturing facilities in San Antonio which builds the Tundra and Tacoma. This is a big win for Texas, as Governor Rick Perry has made an ongoing attempt to get Toyota's headquarters in the Lone Star State.

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One question that comes to mind is how this affects the Toyota brand. Texas has not been the center of auto maker activity and several auto marketing watchers are curious if there will be many changes. Toyota has made several moves in their marketing department and their official new marketing "situation" starts May 1st.

Toyota has enjoyed an increase in North American sales. With this move to Texas, I can't help but think Toyota's marketing campaigns will get a big, fresh breath of new ideas. Just a change in geographical location can do wonders for creative minds.

According to a story on Toyota was unsure of which jobs might stay in California. 

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