bmw m3 and m4

It wasn't long ago that I posted an entry about BMW and their coupe which appeared on the scene in 1989. Technology and style are two words that go hand-in-hand and best describe the BMW models. Several media outlets have written on the BMW offerings and I came across one earlier today from CNET on the BMW M3 and M4.

Quite frankly, their review is stellar. Performance sedans and coupes have been defined with luxury and speed by BMW. There brand is iconic and popular. I really didn't venture out to write a couple of posts on BMW this frequently, but as I gleaned the Web for product ideas, BMW has received much attention lately. Of course the 25th anniversary helps, however the reviews written have been good , actually great, for the brand.

BMW M4 Coupe
 There's plenty of power with a 3-liter, 425-horsepower inline-six. This power source is available for both the M4 Coupe and the M3 Sedan. CNET's story of the road test is awesome, as it describes the turns and stops made. Their review tells me it's certainly a blast to drive.

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