brand restoration

Have you ever recalled a brand with problems? When a brand just seems to get overlooked time and time again? Car brands are like that. It's a cycle. I have thought back to the '70s when American car brands were taking a beating in some markets by their Japanese competitors. American car makers realized they were getting beat by better quality. Their problem was quality. They fixed it. Some models did go by the wayside. But they had to.

Let's fast forward to the here and now. I came across an article featured on that was published by Automotive News about the Dodge brand. On July 1 Dodge will be 100 years old.

Dodge Charger
According to the article, Dodge has had a muddled history. Its history tells us about the quality problems when their market share really took a hit. The late '70s was a time of tribulation and the brand had a lot of identity problems, except that it was around to take a beating. Even Johnny Carson got into the act when, in a monologue, he mentioned that a new investment of his was a Dodge dealership in Tokyo, Japan.

When I think of Dodge, I think of muscle cars. They had been an iconic brand with their muscle car lineup. Frankly, they still are with the Charger and the Challenger. They have developed a new set of fans and admirers when they brought back these two models in a new, fresh way.

Dodge Challenger
Dodge has been pegged as the affordable performance brand. No new models are set to be introduced until 2018. This is going to be a test. I find it interesting and will be curious to see how Dodge does.