the art of dan nance

Dan Nance paints local, concentrated history.

 His art engages the viewer. With this in mind, I can learn something about the players of the American Revolution. That's really what history is, the engagement of the past with us in the present.

Reading of the Meck Dec by Dan Nance

The above is a painting that tells us much. "Meck Dec" was the nickname for the fabled Mecklenburg Declaration. It was disclosed in May of 1775 at the courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. Of course, this predates the Declaration of Independence. The break from Great Britain was not a new notion when the Continental Congress met later in Philadelphia.

Bursting with energy, just like his paintings, Dan Nance uses his talent to relate the tales of colonial North Carolina.

Ambush and artist Dan Nance

Nance allows paint and light to portray another character. This helps us to relive the moment and use our imagination to finish the scene. Dan Nance connects the dots.