the battle of brandywine

More troops fought at Brandywine than any other battle of the American Revolution. It was also the longest single-day battle of the war, with continuous fighting for 11 hours. The location of the battle is Delaware County, Pennsylvania. George Washington was commander of the Continental forces and General Sir William Howe was commander of the British forces. Although Howe won the battle, Washington was able to keep his army intact despite his right flank being left open. Washington stated: "despite the day's misfortune, I am pleased to announce that most of my men are in good spirits and still have the courage to fight the enemy another day". Source: Wikipedia

The British goal was Philadelphia. Washington was able to keep his army from total destruction. Howe would had a clear path to Philadelphia and enter there on September 26, 1777. Source:

The route to Philadelphia crossed Brandywine Creek at Chad's Ford. Washington seemed convinced that the main attack would be a frontal assault, but instead it hit Washington's right flank. The British attack drove the Americans from the hill. The Continental Army withdrew on the road toward Philadelphia.