george washington facts

This President's Day I have found an interesting post on George Washington.

From here is post about 10 facts about George Washington. I am spotlighting some highlights from this post. 

Prior to Yorktown, the American military effort was facing destruction. In January 1781 Washington was very concerned. Money was short and the French had seen setbacks. In May of that year Washington's situation began to improve. France had given a gift to the American treasury and the French fleet drove off the relief expedition to aid Cornwallis at Yorktown. Good news indeed. With aid from the French at Yorktown, Washington laid siege on September 28, 1781.  

A consistent supply chain hindered Washington and he had issues with the Continental Congress on this particular matter.  Washington was focused on management and organization. He maintained the army throughout good times and bad. 

Supply problems were rife at Valley Forge. Bad roads hindered the supply chain. 

Washington was appointed as Commander of the Continental Army on June 14, 1775. This position lasted more than six years. Washington had not commanded a large army in the field before. However, Washington brought his organizational skills to the command. British Army formations were having difficulty going through much of the terrain. Washington used this to his advantage.

Washington developed risky plans to divert attention away from the British. Not all of his plans worked but he was able to allude destruction by the British. 

Studying Washington is fun and I've enjoyed digging in to learn more.