branded content and social employees

Branded content gives support to the "added value" message. The content needs to be designed to build consideration. Where should you spend your time? Where to build your brand?

Using Branded Content In Your Content Marketing Arsenal

By joining and contributing to social media groups it's possible to be seen by thousands of your target candidate audience. The more social shares your content is getting, the more likely it is boosted in the search engine rankings. Google is the main choice because of their search engine.

Google+ vs. Linkedin - Where To Invest Your Time?

Are social employees the driver of successful social marketing? According to Cheryl Burgess (@ckburgess) of Blue Focus Marketing, the answer is yes. Social Employee Empowerment is what drives the brand to become more social. Social media outlets are portal to #connectivity which helps build the brand. Employee empowerment is the key to  powerful brand development. Social media is the driver of that empowerment.

Are Social Employees The Future of Marketing?

Remember, social media aids in persuading consumers to know and respect your brand. Branded content is the focal point of that project.