reader engagement ideas

Do you wish to improve reader engagement? This isn't anything new. This could very well be the top social media issue. I find it more of a tactical issue. You might keep that in mind.

Consider quick links. This allows you to distribute much information. These references are many: public speakers, influencers and authors.


Write items worth sharing.
Sell your own products.
Reply to comments.
Write great content.
Be actionable.
Offer much information. (Create value)
Have trigger topics.
Comment on many sites.
Build an email list.
Choose narrow topics.
Appeal greatly to a small audience.
Create a system. (Social media system)
Create quality SEO
Write personal stuff.
Find a group of like-minded bloggers.
Join tribes.
Join groups.
Write in a conversational style.
Use Google+ hangouts.
Conduct interviews.
Build your own commenting tribe.
Have a clean site.
Concentrate on copywriting.
Create weekly link roundups.

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