supercomputing boosts team and driver

Announced March 31st, Honda and IBM will partner to equip Formula One (F1) racecars with data and technology sensors. The sensor will pull data to allow the racing team to amend and implement their strategies during a race.

Drivers will have access to this data as they are on the track.

Real-time racing decisions, based on this data, could very well revolutionize race driving. Pit stops can be made from information instead of intuition. Obviously, patience will tested during the transition process.

F1 is based on fuel conservation, strategy, and car mechanics.
 F1 is now more about car design. 

McLaren Honda, based in the UK, is implementing IBM's Watson IoT technology though its cars' hybrid engines. The research from this process will be used in Honda's production of consumer vehicles.

As the race goes on, this data is streamed to the cloud and shared with pit crews equipped with tablets. Information is also shared with researchers at Honda R&D for adjustments in temperature, pressure and power.

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