networking with influencers

The Influencer is important. A term, that perhaps is overused, but nonetheless, is here to stay. We know who they are. You may be one yourself. That's good. We like goodness. And we need to cultivate goodness, so therefore cultivate the Influencers.

We must form the connection. That's not difficult. We first follow an Influencer on a Social Media platform. That's simple enough. However what happens after that and then after that is key.

Pay attention what Influencers are doing. They generally blog. Read their blogs frequently. Comment on their blogs. Tweet their blog posts. Give them credit by using their Twitter handle. This often times can be done easily, but you'll find from time-to-time that their Twitter info is not available on their blog. This makes a difference if you are not following them, as you'll find out. That' ok... do a search later. I do not always use Twitter handles when tweeting. I have been getting better lately.

Retweet what they have tweeted. This is natural if a post of their has motivated you.

You may e-mail them to ask if you can contribute or if they would follow you on Social Media. This is a good way to tell them why you like their content and how they have influenced you.

The big item is paying attention. Pay close attention to their craft and what they have achieved. This will influence you and help you with your business and career. Make networking an important part of your Social Media strategy.

Here is my Influencer Page on this blog.