social stats 2013

Jesse Wojdylo published a post on his blog that gives his predictions for social media platforms in 2014.

Some highlights:
  • Engagement tougher on Facebook
  • Twitter has the most growth potential
  • Big growth for Snapchat
  • Local business using Google+ more for Google Maps
  • Instagram to grow with certain demographic groups like Stay at Home Moms
  • Ad campaigns will use Vine ..... a lot
  • Reddit will dominate news and entertainment info
  • Pinterest about the same
  • LinkedIn shows more B2B opportunities - author promises to use it more... so do I
  •  Yahoo! Social Network to come into play ... a big player in entertainment

One item to focus on: content with copywriting. Also visual content. Here's to a great 2014.
Extend your reach in the social media platforms you're comfortable with. My recommendation are strive to gain Google+ followers and Twitter followers.

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